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Azure Mattress

150mm Reflex Foam base| 50mm Memory Foam| 50mm Natural LatexOrthopedic Properties | Temperature Sensitive | Hypoallergenic | Zipped Cover

Cloud mattress

£489.00 £299.00
175mm Reflex Foam| 75mm CoolBlue Memory FoamTemperature Sensitive | Hypoallergenic | Zipped Cover

Cobalt mattress

175mm Reflex Foam| 25mm GelFlex| 50mm LatexOrthopedic Properties| Temperature Sensitive| Hypoallergenic | Zipped Cover

Crystal mattress

175mm Reflex Foam| 75mm GelFlexExtra Body Suppor| Hypoallergenic | Zipped Cover

Emerald mattress

200mm Reflex Foam| 25mm 4G Revo Memory Foam | 25mm Cool Marble FoamTemperature Sensitive| Hypoallergenic | Zipped Cover

Garnet mattress

150mm Reflex Foam| 50mm Memory Foam | 50mm GelFlexTemperature Sensitive| Hypoallergenic | Zipped Cover

Infusion mattress

£399.00 £199.00
125mm Reflex Foam| 75mm Memory FoamTemperature Sensitive| Zipped Cover

Iris mattress

250mm Reflex FoamOrthopedic Properties| Hypoallergenic | Zipped Cover

Jasper Mattress

200mm Reflex Foam| 50mm Visco Elastic Memory FoamOrthopedic Properties| Temperature Sensitive | Hypollergenic| Zipped Cover

Latex 2000 pocket Mattress

50mm Latex | Foam Encapsulated Pocket Spring UnitsHypoallergenic| Zipped Cover| Avallable with 1000 or 2000 Pocket Count

Mantle Mattress

£289.00 £199.00

Memory 1000 Cool Touch Mattress

£439.00 £198.00

At Beds Divans, we believe a good mattress makes life better. A good mattress helps you sleep better and avoid discomfort and nagging back or neck pain. And you don’t have to sacrifice style – we offer a selection of high-quality divan bed mattresses in different sizes. Manufactured from high-quality materials, our mattresses are comfortable and easy to use and clean. Depending on the model you choose, you may get different mattress prints that add a nice touch to the design.

Explore Our Mattresses

Are you looking for a specific type of mattress or hunting for a cheap mattress in the UK? Discover our mattresses and choose the one that best fits your needs.
1-Pocket Mattresses – Durable and comfortable, these mattresses are an inspired choice for most types of sleepers. We offer both 1500-pocket and 2000-pocket mattresses.
2-Orthopaedic Mattresses – Avoid back and neck pain and maintain a healthy sleeping position – with these mattresses it’s easy! You don’t need to suffer from chronic neck pain to choose an ortho mattress.
3-Super Orthopaedic Mattresses – These mattresses come with additional layers of comfort and other features that maximize the benefits of conventional orthopaedic mattresses. They’re ideal if you want to upgrade from an older ortho mattress. Whether you need a new mattress for your bed or want to buy a mattress together with a new bed, our prompt customer service can help you make the right choice.

We provide fast shipping for all mattress orders as well as order tracking so that you will know exactly when to expect your new mattress.

Benefits of Divan Bed Mattresses-

Our catalogue of mattresses proves that you can get a valuable product at a good price. Regardless of the product you choose, you get:
1-Great value for the price
2-A perfect match for a divan bed
3-A durable product made from quality materials
4-Guaranteed comfort
5-Multiple size options
6-A variety of products adapted to different sleepers
7-Fast shipping
We believe high-quality mattresses don’t have to be expensive or limit the type of bed you choose. Your search for a cheap mattress in the UK doesn’t mean you have to make any compromises.