Is a divan bed more comfortable?

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POSTED ON 04-09-2023


Do you ever wonder why some nights you can't seem to get comfortable in bed? Well, most probably the problem lies in your bed. Sometimes it happens when you do not feel comfortable in your bed and your sleep quill is also affected. One option that's gaining popularity is the divan bed. But what makes a divan bed so unique, and is it really more comfortable than other beds? 

We are going to help you make a perfect decision on how a divan bed can be a good option for you and its advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, we will also provide you with some tips on how you can make your bed a comfortable option for your sleep. So, let’s start with this blog and find the perfect choice that you are looking for. 

What is a Divan Bed?

A divan bed is a type of bed base that consists of a sturdy wooden or metal frame covered with fabric. This frame is often divided into two parts, making it easier to transport and maneuver into tight spaces. The top of the divan base is typically upholstered with fabric or faux leather, and it may come with various storage options, such as drawers or ottomans, to maximize space utilization.

Divan beds are popular for their simplicity and versatility. You may mix and match them with a large selection of mattresses and headboards to create a bed that is unique to your tastes and room decor.

Comfort Features of Divan Beds

Now that we know what a divan bed is let's explore the comfort features that make it a compelling choice for many individuals.

1. Supportive Base

One of the primary reasons why people opt for divan beds is the level of support they provide. The wooden or metal frame of a divan base offers excellent support for your mattress. The supportive base helps to distribute your weight evenly and helps to reduce your back and hip pain due to which you will get a comfortable sleep.

2. Enhanced Mattress Durability

Divan beds can extend the lifespan of your mattress. Because the mattress rests on a solid, flat surface, it is less prone to wear and tear compared to slatted or sprung bases. This makes your investment a long-term profit and you don’t have to change your mattresses every 5 years, which is mandatory if you are using a bed that does not have a completely flat surface. 

3. Storage Options

Many divan beds come equipped with built-in storage solutions, such as drawers or ottomans. These storage options come in a variety of sizes which help you to make your room look clean. You can put all your bedsheets and extra pillows inside it and does not require the extra construction of drawers in the room. 

4. Customizability

Divan beds offer a high level of customizability. You can choose from a variety of fabric options for the base and select a headboard that suits your style. You can also customize a divan bed according to your room space so that it does not occupy a large space and can provide a walk-in area.

5. Compatibility with Different Mattress Types

No matter which mattress you choose for yourself, the divan bed goes with all types of mattresses and also helps to increase the life of the mattress. Therefore, you are free to choose a mattress that matches your unique comfort requirements. Whether you prefer a firm, medium, or soft mattress, a divan bed can accommodate your choice.

6. Reduced Noise

Divan beds tend to be quieter than some other bed types, such as metal frames with slats. The solid construction of a divan base minimizes creaking and squeaking, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep without disturbances caused by your bed.

Pros and Cons of Divan Beds

Like any piece of furniture, divan beds come with their own set of pros and cons. It is necessary to have a look at the cons and pros of the divan bed before making any purchase. 

Pros of Divan Beds

  • 1. Support and Comfort: Divan beds have flat surfaces that are perfect for your better and more comfortable sleep. They also provide good support to your mattress so that you won’t get disturbed at night

  • 2. Durability: The solid base of a divan bed can extend the lifespan of your mattress, saving you money in the long run.

  • 3. Storage Solutions: Most of the divan beds come with storage options that make your room clear and can hold a good amount of weight. It helps to organize your room properly. 

  • 4. Customization: Divan beds offer a high degree of customizability, allowing you to tailor the bed to your preferences and bedroom decor.

  • 5. Reduced Noise: The solid construction of divan beds minimizes noise and disturbances during the night.

Cons of Divan Beds

  • 1. Appearance: Some individuals may find divan beds less visually appealing compared to other bed styles, such as platform beds or sleigh beds.

  • 2. Bulkiness: Divan beds can be quite heavy and may not be easy to move, which can be a drawback if you like to rearrange your bedroom frequently.

  • 3. Price: While there are budget-friendly divan bed options available, high-quality divan beds with premium features can be relatively expensive.

  • 4. Limited Ventilation: The solid base of a divan bed may provide less ventilation to the mattress compared to slatted bases, potentially leading to heat retention in some cases.

Is a Divan Bed Right for You?

Which bed is right for you is completely up to your requirements. For example, Whether you are looking for a bed for storage option or want to give your room a makeover. You can just consider its benefits, features, and drawbacks to make your purchase easy.

Choose a Divan Bed If:

  • 1. You prioritize support and comfort for a good night's sleep.
  • 2. You want to extend the lifespan of your mattress.
  • 3. Storage solutions are essential to keep your bedroom organized.
  • 4. You appreciate the flexibility to customize your bed's appearance.
  • 5. You prefer a quieter sleeping environment.

Consider Other Options If:

  • 1. You prioritize the visual aesthetics of your bedroom furniture.

2. You frequently rearrange your bedroom and need a more lightweight bed option.

  • 3. You prefer a bed base that offers maximum ventilation to your mattress.

For sure, a divan bed is mainly considered for its comfort and storage options. But it is not necessary that what is good for others is also good for you. So, before making any decision consider the points mentioned above and make a thoughtful decision. 

Tips for Maximizing Divan Bed Comfort

If you've decided that a divan bed is the right choice for you, here are some tips to help you maximize its comfort:

1. Select the Right Mattress

As selecting a bed is important, choosing a mattress is more important. There are various kinds of mattresses available in the market for individuals' needs. You can test out the mattress's firmness level or you can choose an orthopaedic mattress if you have back pain or want comfortable sleep. 

2. Use Quality Bedding

Not only mattresses but good quality sheets and pillows also play an important role in a comfortable sleep. Not only for sleep but they also add a charm to the room.

3. Consider a Mattress Topper

If you find your mattress a bit too firm or uncomfortable, a mattress topper can add an extra layer of cushioning and comfort.

4. Regularly Rotate and Flip Your Mattress

To maintain the durability and comfort of your mattress, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for rotating and flipping it regularly.

5. Keep Your Divan Bed Clean

Regularly vacuum and clean your divan bed to prevent dust and allergens from accumulating, which can affect your comfort and sleep quality.

6. Test the Divan Bed In-Store

Before making a decision, it's a good idea to visit a furniture store and test various divan bed models. Lie down on them, assess their support, and gauge how comfortable you find them. This hands-on approach can provide valuable insights that online research might not capture.

7. Check for Warranty and Return Policies

Always inquire about the warranty and return policies for both the divan base and the mattress you intend to purchase. Knowing your options in case you're not entirely satisfied is essential for peace of mind.

8. Measure Your Bedroom Space

Divan beds come in various sizes, from single to king-size, and they can take up a substantial amount of floor space. Measure your bedroom carefully to ensure the chosen divan bed fits comfortably and leaves enough room for movement.

9. Consider Your Storage Needs

If storage is a priority for you, carefully evaluate the available storage options for divan beds. Choose between drawers, ottomans, or a combination of both, depending on your organizational requirements.

 10. Seek Expert Advice

When we choose bedding, we invest for at least 10 years in our health and better sleep. So, if you are unclear about your choice then you can also seek advice from the experts available at the sales counter. They can help you to choose a perfect bed according to your preference. 

No doubt your sleep is precious, it decides your whole day's mood that is why it is important to consider all the factors before making a purchase. No matter which bed you are choosing, always keep your comfort a priority.

Choosing the Right Mattress

While we've mentioned the compatibility of divan beds with various mattress types, selecting the right mattress deserves special attention. The mattress you choose can significantly impact your sleep quality and overall comfort. Here are some tips for finding the perfect mattress:

  • 1. Consider Your Sleeping Position: Different sleeping positions require different levels of support. Side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress to cushion their shoulders and hips, while back and stomach sleepers might opt for a firmer mattress for proper spinal alignment.

  • 2. Test Mattresses in Stores: Just as you would test the divan bed, lie down on mattresses in stores to get a feel for their comfort. Spend some time on each mattress, mimicking your usual sleeping positions.

  • 3. Research Mattress Types: There's a wide range of mattress types available, including memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid. Research each type and choose the one that aligns with your comfort preferences.

  • 4. Check for Allergies: If you have allergies, consider hypoallergenic mattresses and bedding materials to ensure a comfortable and sneeze-free sleep environment.

  • 5. Evaluate Durability: A durable mattress will provide long-term comfort. When you are thinking of buying a mattress make sure that you will check the warranties and customer reviews for better ideas.

Bedding Matters

Bedding is not only chosen to enhance the room's look, but it plays an important role in providing you with a comfortable sleep. Here are some tips for selecting the right bedding:

  • 1. Choose Quality Sheets: Invest in high-quality sheets made from materials like cotton or linen. Always prefer to choose a material that is breathable and can regulate your body temperature by wicking out the moisture. 

  • 2. Select the Right Pillow: Your choice of pillow can significantly impact your sleep quality. There are various pillow types available, such as memory foam, latex, and down-filled. Choose one that provides adequate support for your neck and head.

  • 3. Use a Comfortable Duvet or Comforter: Select a duvet or Comforter with the right level of warmth for your climate and personal preferences. Consider a duvet with a removable cover for easy cleaning.

  • 4. Add a Mattress Topper: If you have a thin mattress that is unable to provide a level of comfort then you can look forward to the mattress topper that can provide an extra cushioning layer and make sure that your body is distributed evenly. 


Is a divan bed more comfortable? After searching its benefits, features, and recommendations it can be perfect for you. But stop, Before choosing a bed make sure to prioritize your sleep and comfort. Divan bed can be the best option due to its support and durability, even though look for the factors you want in it.

Comfort has different definitions for individuals, so no matter what your sleeping position is, or what your mattress is, you just need to choose the perfect bed that can provide you an ultimate comfort and peaceful sleep. Whether you choose a divan bed, a sleigh bed, a platform bed, or any other type of bed, the key is to prioritize your comfort and well-being for a good night's sleep and a refreshed start to each day.